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Recruit students to solve business challenges related to innovative spatial technologies and business ICT.

Customized Project Challenges

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When you create an experiential hiring program, you can customize:

Topics & Timeline

Candidate Requirements

Final Deliverables

Group Size

Program Format


Explore Experiential Hiring Formats

Capstone Projects

A class project that engages a team of up to 6 students and typically lasts 4 - 12 weeks long!

Live Cases

A class project that can engage up to 200 students, Involve multiple student groups or divide it into multiple projects!


An internship program that engages a team of up to 6 student interns.


An internship program that engages up to 20 teams of student interns.

Case Assessments (FREE)

A quick case assessment to attract and qualify top entry-level talent.

Plus, incorporate any of these project topics!

Related to database design and development, spatial data analysis, 3D mapping & modeling, topographic surveys, UAV data collection, GNSS Field Mapping, enterprise GIS solutions, and more!

Account Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Growth Strategy

Legal, Regulatory, Compliance


Mergers & Acquisitions

Purchasing, Logistics, Supply Chain

Quality Control

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Software Design & Development

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